Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nutty as a fruitcake..

And now ,a cliche "hey folks , here I'm, all set to wreck my blog by my first post ever"...but ofcourse, why would that delight you , even if it happens to be my last post unless ofcourse if its good or very good or perhaps is just rotten to the core. Oh c'mon you know why i gave the last option , don't you ? ;) So to formally start with, I owe this post to someone who's as sensibly crazy as this post to suggest me this crazy reality of "being crazy" to write about for my first post...And finally there i was racking up my brains to come up with the craziest thing i did in past..So I decided to follow a systematic path mapping the literal meaning of the word "crazy" with everything i did in my life till last few moments.."Was that being mentally deranged or extremely annoyed or extremely enthusiastic or being most unlikely absurd, fanatical or nutty as a fruitcake ??" ...yeah those were the words my thesaurus gave me for being crazy. Then within next few moments of this stressful ex-cercise , to my utmost despair , i realized that everything i ever did got mapped to one of those meanings of being crazy which makes me a c***y person from head to toe. After this emotional blow i gathered up myself and decided to analyze the crazy moments of the next best person closest to me. Horrendously moving from next to next to next and so on i finally concluded that anything they ever did was being c***y to me . And what an irony , we still live in an illusion that being crazy is being out of mind or out of world when everyone here is crazy for something, someone, at sometime , in some situation, towards some philosophy, in some subject..This world is running on  the very spirit of being crazzzzy , the spirit of doing something which always happens to be perceived as out of place by others. So actually we are not so accustomed to having a broader view of anything or anyone  and we end up saying "if thats something i cannot comprehend with , then its crazy"

think about it 


Thursday, May 7, 2009

getting pumped up

i'll start writing very soon...